Italy’s Premier Wine Hotel As Described By “Hotel My Passion”

The Hotel De’ Ricci, which has been described by Hotel My Passion as “the premier Wine Hotel in Italy”, is waiting to welcome you in Rome and provide you with a unique journey of discovery of the finest and most exclusive wines.  Set in a quiet area but still central and well situated, this boutique hotel can be found just a stone’s throw for the beating heart of Italy’s capital city.

Elegant and fitted out with stylish furnishings from the 60’s, the Hotel De’ Ricci has been designed with wine and oenology lovers in mind, with the aim of providing hotel guests with a really unique sensory and tasting experience.  In addition to its location and the originality of the building’s decor, “Hotel My Passion” has also drawn attention to the hotel’s eight suites ranging in size from 27 to 67 square metres which will enable guests to enjoy a unique oenological journey in a peaceful and tranquil setting.  Spacious and equipped with a wine cellar in the room containing the wines that were selected at the time of booking, the suites are further distinguished by their retro-elegance which accompanies the fabulous frescoes by the artist Andrea Ferolla.

The staff is made up exclusively of professional sommeliers who will accompany each guest on their oenological journey throughout their stay.  For all visitors who stay at this premier wine hotel in Rome, there will be individually arranged tasting sessions in the specially maintained wine cellar that contains more than 1,500 types of quality fine wines.  The Hotel De’ Ricci as described in the blog, Hotel My Pasion, can also organise guided tours to some of the wineries that are generally closed to the public and here, visitors can listen to the history and anecdotes that are linked to their wine production.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be taken in the room at the time specified by the guests.  In the Private Charade Bar, the sommelier Flavio Scannavino is ready and willing to prepare the most original cocktails.  For smokers, there is a specially dedicated cigar room where it is possible to savour an exclusive cigar whilst admiring the hotel’s private collection.

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