Wanted in Rome at Charade Bar

Charade Bar
a refined location inside Hotel De Ricci


Both guests and visitors will get the chance to experience Hotel De Ricci’s distinct Charade Bar, an intimate space that wine connoisseurs will certainly appreciate. Located in a charming historic building in via della Barchetta, it welcomes you near the hotel lobby.

Charade Bar features an atmosphere of sophistication and intimacy with its mild lighting, lounge music and a personalized way to serve your drinks. Experienced barmen will prepare you original cocktails inspired by various world cultures and made with premium quality products alongside classic favorites. Furthermore, there will be over 1500 wine labels from the finest Italian and international producers for you to choose depending to the occasion.

Enjoy a light lunch comprising of standard specialties such as caesar salad, club sandwich and warm panini,. In addition you can also try some special dishes that you can only taste here, like the Catalana salad with steamed octopus or own very own take on the traditional Roman suppli.

Do not miss the opportunity to sit back and relax at the iconic cigar room, furnished with comfortable 60s style armchairs and couches. You can try here a wide selection of fine cigars and aged spirits as well.

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