Charade Private Bar

Next to the lobby of Hotel De’ Ricci, hidden behind a rich, blue velvet curtain, is the entrance of the Charade Bar. Few know of its existence: only the Hotel’s clients, and a selected circle of people have access to it.


Opening the corpulent door, we are welcomed by artistic wall frescoes depicting scenes of the 1940’s nostalgic and romantic period of Rome’s “dolce vita.” All of the works have been painted by hand by the internationally noted illustrator, Andrea Ferolla. The atmosphere is warm, yet sophisticated during the time of aperitifs, to then have the lights become even softer during the course of the evening, providing the ideal ambiance for intense moments of relax and socializing.


The music is dynamic and personalised, as is the Bar’s service, according to the event on hand, as chosen by the clients. Whether hosting an aperitif or “dopo cena,” the Charade Bar exquisitely accommodates exclusive experiences.


In place of a traditional, long counter, there is a mobile bar set-up that can be wheeled directly to the clients. In this way, our Barmen can create the perfect cocktail right before the discerning eyes of the guest, and for the most exigent palates.


Those clients who are timid or indecisive can browse the Menu, which, page after page presents the Cocktail and Wine Lists. International and innovative, it offers a selection of the most exclusive bottles and/or glasses of wine and Champagne, as well as Gin, Cognac and Whiskey from around the world.
For those passionate about wine, our Wine List counts more than 1,500 labels of Italian as well as international selections, with historic vintages for those interested in enjoying a particular experience of nostalgia and exclusivity.


In addition, the Charade Bar features a Menu of culinary delights that range from the classic Club Sandwich to the De’ Ricci Gourmet Cheese Burger, assorted cheeses and delicatessen platters, any of which can be ideally paired with the drinks offered on the Cocktail and Wine Lists.





Within a special venue such as the Charade Bar, there is, of course, a place dedicated to smokers and lovers of quality cigars. Hotel De’ Ricci’s private collection of cigars includes the most iconic in the world.


Without disturbing those non-smokers, the Cigar Room permits the pleasure of smoking in a comfortable and refined environment, located on the far end of the Bar. It is furnished with important and original pieces of furniture, emblematic of the 1960’s, such as comfortable armchairs and Chesterfield sofas.


The Charade Bar is theatre to exclusive events: breakfast meetings, wine-tastings together with producers, private wine-tastings, working lunches, aperitifs, business reunions, and get-togethers with live jazz music, to name a few.

Should clients wish to organize a particular event, it is possible to organize a customised service.


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