Suite with balcony

These Suites exude a sense of rétro and a timeless welcoming. In addition to the balcony, there are warm colours and vintage furniture which evoke past moments, bearing witness to the style of an epoch.
Elegant parquet contrasts with the polished, refined jet-black tiles in the bathroom, with a rétro style which bestow upon these Suites a charm of the unique period, between the 1940’s and 1960’s. The typical Roman courtyard over which the balcony faces, exalts the already iconic atmosphere.


In each of these two Suites, there is a small wine cellar stocked with a selection of excellent Italian and international wine, which render our Guests’ stay exclusive.
Pets are allowed on request, € 50,00 charge per day will be applied.
Occupation: maximum 2 people


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