Hotel De’Ricci is delighted to invite you to the Wine-Tasting event of Bibi Graetz Winery

On Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 at 7.00 pm


Mr. Vincenzo Grimaldi will lead the Wine Tasting


Artist- turned- winemaker Bibi Graetz was born in 1967 in Florence, to parents whose origins were Israeli (father) and Norwegian (mother.) Ever since he was very young, he has been devoted to contemporary art, following the footsteps of his father, a famous sculptor. Today, all of Bibi Graetz’s labels are representations of his paintings.

The world of wine has always been present in the Graetz family. While his mother began producing wine for the family in the 1990’s, during the second half of this decade, Bibi decided to produce wine himself in order to sell it commercially. Already in the beginning of the new millenium, Bibi was introduced to the wine world as one of the young geniuses of enology, producing wines with great character.

Today, Bibi Graetz produces 34 hectares of vines, all Tuscan native breeds of grapes planted in the Classic Chianti, Chianti Rufina and Colli Fiorentini areas. The production of their Whites are from the Giglio Island, heroic territory, for its viticulture, but also considered a special place Bibi has admired since he was born.

Every year, the TESTAMATTA Winery reaches important objectives, always being able to improve the quality of its wines and being present in all of the most important wine markets worldwide. The strength of Testamatta is that of remaining a small production, but of a great international character, recognised by the most authoritative Wine Critics, who continuously give these wines very gratifying and important scores.


Reservation are required in order to attend this event
Welcome drink Bollamatta rosè
Bugia del Giglio 2015
Soffocone di Vincigliata 2015
Testamatta 2015
Testamatta 2010
Testamatta 2007


For information and costs, please contact: l’Hotel De’ Ricci+39 066874775

Please note that the number of person is limited to 15.