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Wine Experience

Our General Manager, professional Sommelier Flavio Scannavino, as well as other Sommeliers on our Staff, can guide our Guests through a unique course in the world of wine.

The customized itinerary begins at the moment of booking: Guests inform the staff as to their oenological preferences, so as to stock the in-Suite Wine Cellar accordingly.

In the absence of such indications, our Sommeliers will stock 8 different wine choices in the in-Suite Wine Cellar, beginning with the excellent whites of the Piedmont and Trentino regions, to the fine, full reds of Tuscany and international vineyards.

Wine Experience - Hotel De' Ricci - Coravin

Our Cellar

During our Guests’ stay, it is possible at any moment, to organize private Wine Tastings, either in the intimacy of their Suite or terrace, or at the Hotel’s exclusive Charade Bar. Guests can choose wine for such occasions from their in-Suite cellar or the Coravin list. For an even more particular experience, they can visit the Hotel’s Wine Cellar, accompanied by our Sommeliers, and choose one or more particularly exclusive bottles to satisfy their requests.

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