The dawn of A BRAND NEW ERA A new horizon of experiences
The dawn of A BRAND NEW ERA A new horizon of experiences

Rome’s Food & Art


Discover the best cultural “specialties” of the Eternal City

This is not your typical food tour, but an irresistible combination of Rome’s strongest features: its glorious culinary tradition and its artistic treasures!

Thanks to this carefully planned experience, you will grasp the real essence of the Eternal city, in whose hidden corners the delicious food and the breathtaking monuments are magically and perpetually intertwined. What better way to learn more about the city’s daily life and its gastronomy than by strolling along its charming streets, catching sights of its most renowned highlights.

With your trusty guide by your side, you will make several stops along the way, both to savor local delicacies and to admire some of Rome’s must-sees: the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, just to name a few!

Your local guide will lead you to places only locals go to, offering you the unique chance to taste the best street food in town! Whether you have a sweet tooth or you are more of a savory type of person don’t worry: Rome has something for everyone!


Let us know in advance if you have any food restrictions. Tastings might be different depending on the seasonal products available.


The Extraordinary Raphael

Villa Farnesina – Sant’Agostino – Pantheon

Precisely 500 years from his death, pay homage to Raphael – among the most talented and gifted geniuses in history.

Together with your expert guide, you will visit the 16th century Villa Farnesina, one of the noblest and most harmonious creations of Italian Renaissance. A precious Villa in which architecture and frescoes fuse into a single breathtaking jewel, highlight of which is Raphael’s Loggia of Amore and Psiche. Stroll around the monumental rooms and be transported into an ancient, legendary world, made of images, symbols and unbelievable myths. Of all the artists that competed to satisfy the commissioner, only Raphael managed to bless the most important Italian artistic movement, Renaissance, with the gift of immortality.

Head towards the Basilica of St. Agostino, where waiting for you is a lesser-known, yet magnificent and powerful 16th century fresco featuring the prophet Isaiah. And last, but not least, a panoramic stroll by the Trevi Fountain, along Via del Corso and extremely close to the city’s main highlights, will take you to the majestic Pantheon, the largest Dome ever created – temple of past, present and future deities – that hosts the tomb of great artists and personalities…among them, our Raphael.

The dawn of A BRAND NEW ERA A new horizon of experiences

Rome’s Zoo: Find the Animal!

Challenge your hunting skills and have fun spotting the marble animals hiding around Rome.

There is no better way to combine entertainment and education than choosing to explore Rome under a different, unique light: thanks to this family-friendly walking tour, adults and kids alike will find themselves completely engaged in a fun Safari experience around the Eternal City!

Turn Rome into your own personal playground and follow your exciting guide in a journey at the discovery of animals from all over the world, hidden in every corner of Rome, waiting for you to find them! Challenge your hunting skills, as we visit a few of the city’s most renowned highlights – the Spanish Steps, People’s Square, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Navona Square – to spot all of the marble animals.

Always accompanied by an engaging local guide, the whole family can have fun while still learning more about Rome’s history and its monuments. Get lost in the Eternal city’s open-air marble “zoo”, whose creatures have been sculpted by the greatest artists of the Baroque period: elephants, snakes, horses, lions, dolphins and many more…

Do not forget to take tons of pictures while your kids run around Rome having the time of their life thanks to this unusual urban Safari!

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(Esclusi il periodo natalizio e capodanno)
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